Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Digging for Me
through the so-many layers
dirt layers
that resist the spade—
heaped on
by circumstance
and the World
I find:
I am still in there.

Not lost
And one day
Light may finally shine
on that hidden pearl
at the bottom of me
that is Me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Visit to New Mexico

Sandia Peak Tramway

Ten thousand feet high
I look down on the desert
Floating among rock giants


Brown mesa people
In homes so near the blue sky
You almost touch God.

At Petroglyph National Monument

Jack rabbit at noon
Tall ears for hearing
Longer feet for jumping

Towards Santa Fe

Fleeing the cities
Racing on the desert roads
Stop and taste silence

Loretto Chapel

Holy step-father
Your spiral staircase is
a journey to heaven


Humble clay chapel
Mystery of crucifixion
healing begins


Red willow people
Watered by the Blue Lake
You are strong as adobe

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Zoo eagle

Caged eagle
What are your thoughts?
surveying a meshed world
From a leafless tree
High but not high enough
Over a vast unemptiness?

Caged eagle
What are your dreams?
Of an unknown aerie
Launched by Brother Wind
On outspread wings
Singing over the mesa?

Caged eagle
What do you feel?
Symbol of freedom?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

White space

Driving north on Interstate 25 towards Santa Fe, New Mexico, my husband and I rode in the car in companionable silence. This silence was interrupted frequently by my “oohs” and “aahs” over the magnificent scenery—stretches of desert peppered with sagebrush, the snow-topped Sangre de Cristo mountains in the distance, and quite often, sandstone plateaus rising majestically from the desert floor, thrust up eons ago by Earth’s mighty geological forces. But other than my exclamations, all we could hear was the gentle whirring of our rental’s engine and the swish of air exiting the dashboard vents.

At one point, I could stand it no longer and said, “Pull over. I need a Kodak moment.” And so Dave parked on the shoulder of the road, in sight of some of the stone monuments we had been seeing all along this stretch of road.

I opened the car door and everything changed. I thought I knew what quiet was, but the sudden and complete silence of the desert surprised me. It was physical, palpable, as it rushed around me and enveloped me. Even though the road was right at my back, this silence even swallowed the noise of rushing cars. I was in a magnificent vacuum, like being left alone in a pristine space, just myself and this beautiful, endless terrain that touched an even more endless blue sky.

In graphic design, the concept of white space is very important. Empty space must be left on the page to set off the content and so that after the images and text are viewed and read, the eye can come to rest somewhere. It occurred to me that this silence WAS white space, that quiet that is so often missing in everyday life as we rush around, packing our 24 hours full to overflowing with activities, noise, images, and information. As I let the desert silence in, I was aware of a deep peace, a deep cushioning of soul and spirit, a letting-go of all the rush that had followed me on this vacation. This type of silence was health and goodness. I won’t forget it.

Endless desert space
Container of silence
Inner peace.